Monday, May 3, 2010


When we first moved out here last year my husband built a pole shed to keep tools, chemicals, hay and his for wheeler. All winter we had hay in it and animals. It was hard to find anything in it. About the time of the last Bon -fire my husband got that bee in his bonnet and cleaned out the shed. Here is one of my hens a little confused over the change.

Then he really surprised me. He and his daddy went and built shelves and places to put all the tools. I am really proud of him. I think it looks really nice. Now if i can get them to put the things back after using them I think I will be about the happiest woman on earth.

Here is another improvement. I removed the chicken wire on the side of the goat pen. It was built for the chickens. We tired to keep the chickens in it instead of letting them be free range. We even clipped wings and nothing stopped them from getting out. I guess they were to use to being free range. We are in the process of clearing this land but it is still pretty wild so we lost most of our chickens to predators. Although it didn't work for chickens it seems to do nicely for the pony and goats. My big goat was able to get out so even in the pen she was kept chained. The the little goat tore holes in the side of the chicken wire and became a escape artist.
I knew that I would not be able to get the fence back up in the same day so my plan was to keep the goats chained out until the next day. Surprise, my husband got the fence up that night. Now the goats can roam freely in the pen at night and be tied out to eat during the day. They love it.

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