Thursday, May 20, 2010

More rain

The biddies have moved outside.  This a picture of the great escape from the brooder box. When they start flying around and getting out it is time to move them outside if the weather is nice enough. After moving them the first night it rained and we did lose two. So I put the heat lamps outside and cover them at night or when it is going to rain with a blanket. We haven't lost anymore. 
 It always rains in the spring. The last two weeks have been really rainy.  Not much you can do in the garden when it is that wet.  Our driveway is starting to wash.  My husband will need to drag it again soon to keep it passable.
I didn't notice until i seen the pictures.  This picture has two ducks. I only ever saw the one
 Since it has been raining so much and we can't garden we took a little ride the other day to see what kind of wildlife we could find.  Most of the pictures were not very good. Here is a wild duck in the neighbors pond. We also seen two turkeys and a turtle.

Here in the yard we found this salamander.  The ones we usually find are black spotted, but this one was smaller and light in color. It did have spots though. We also tried to get a good picture of a Great Blue Herring but they did come out either.  I am not fast enough.  The doves and blue birds were to far away to focus.  We like seeing what kinds of animals we can find, identify and take pictures of .

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