Friday, May 7, 2010

Bean Tepees and Barbeque

I have strawberries that are close to being ready. A friend of mine already has 3 ripe strawberries but she already has an established bed. If I can keeep the goats out of them I will have some in a couple of days. All the peas and Lima beans are up. I am going to try growing them on hog panels this year. Two years ago I made bean tepees. The worked great at first. My back didn't hurt from bending over. Then I realized that I built them to high and we were having to stand on ladders to pick the peas. That was a problem in its own. I am going to build more tepees to plant peas on when the potatoes are pulled out, but the will not be very high.

I finally got Hosta to grow. They say it is one of the easiest things to grow but my free range chickens always ate it. The goats were loose yesterday so it has got some damage but i think it will recover nicely as long as I water it today. This is my broccoli. I have never grown it before never had any luck. Maybe this year will be better. I will let you know.
Finally got the rest of the corn planted. The lawn is almost mowed. The weed eater is fixed. The laundry is washed. So I decided to take the kids swimming at the creek. Right as we were leaving I realized my second daughter was running a fever. I gave her some medicine and thought she would be cooler by the creek so we went for just a little while. It wasn't long before she started throwing up so that ended that trip. We decided to grill outside so the kids that were not sick could stay out and play. We had BBQ chicken, grill corn on the cob, and potato packs. The Chinese cabbage recipe of the day was stir fried cabbage.
I don't know if it is a well known recipe or something I made up. I start by frying a little bacon for seasoning and grease. Then I throw in a chopped onion and stir until the onion is translucent. Then I put in chopped cabbage about half Chinese cabbage and half regular cabbage. I cook it down until not much grease left in the pan. Then I add a little Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce to taste. Just cook until tender crisp. I really like this, don't know if my husband cares that much for it, but he eats it.
Today I need to water the potatoes and things on the other side of the garden that the sprinkler didn't get last night. It is not suppose to rain here until Sunday and that is to long without water up here. Since this is a first year garden in this location the soil is kinda poor and don't hold moisture well. Weeding is never done. There is a lot of Bermuda grass in the corn and my husband's solution is to spray it. Who wants to eat anything out of a garden with all that poison sprayed in it.


  1. All that good food and you didn't invite me. Hope the girl is feeling better.

  2. Hope your daughter is feeling better. I loved reading about your garden. I've also planted my peas next to our horse wire fence, as soon as it is warm enough, we want to plant our beans next to the fence as well.