Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting to work

Yesterday I was out planting corn when my husband called. His daddy and him came across some good tin they could have. The only problem was they had to tear it off. My husband was stuck at work leaving his daddy to do it by himself. He said get the hammers and crow bars, pick up the kids, and get out there to help.
When I got there he was well on his way removing and stacking the tin. The kids and I jumped right in. By the time my husband got there, his daddy and I, had removed all of the tin. I stayed with my husband while his daddy took the tin to the house and brought back the trailer to load the boards.
My oldest son is at that age where motivation is hard to come by, but he was dragging tin and stacking it. He really was working hard every time my hammer was quiet for a second he had it tearing off to. He also stayed behind to help tear the boards apart so we could load them on the trailer. Then the owner of the property noticed him and sent someone over to tell us he had to stop and get off the boards. I was very disappointed. Finally you get a kid wanting to work and someone says they can't. Oh well I am going to pay him a few bucks anyway for the effort.
I picked up something easy for supper. Hot dogs, mac 'n' cheese , and corn on the cob. Not the best of meals but it will have to do every once in a while. Then we took showers and went to the bed. I bet everyone slept good last night.
This morning I have been trying to catch up here at the house. Clothes to wash and hang out, animals to tend to, and lots of other things.Here is my compost bin busy helping me make vegetables. I made a barrel composting bin out of a plastic barrel. I didn't put a crank on it like some people do. I made the opening off center so that it would always end up on the top. Well this one is full and composting so I am going to make another one but this time I am going to make it centered with a crank because while it is full I cannot turn it.

This is Little Girl a rabbit/armadillo dog. Although walkers are traditionally raised as coon dogs, this one decided she was a beagle instead. Don't worry about the rabbits though, they turn left and her long legs just keep her going straight.

This is Sonny and Jenny aka the rabbit patrol. They are making their daily rounds. They always let me know if something is not right. They patrol form dawn to dust. You very rarely get a glimpse of them.

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  1. I wonder why they wouldn't let Robbie help. Boys need to learn sometime and what better time than when both his parents, and his grandpa are present.