Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Copperheads in one day.

Friday it was to rainy to roof. So my husband and the other roofers went to the boss man's house to work on fence.  Ed got there late so he started at the corner post nailing off.  The other guys were about a quarter mile away. Ed nailed to the corner post then tied to the first t-post and reached down to tie to the second when he felt something stick his hand. Thinking it was a brier he kept tying the post.  His hand started stinging so he started looking, and sitting at the bottom of the post was a copperhead snake. He killed the snake but instead of walking to his truck he panicked and walked to the other guys.  The boss man rushed him to the hospital.  Here is the shocking part. This rural hospital did not have any anti-venom. Not only that, they wanted my husband to go out and find the snake before they could treat Ed. My husband went out looking for the snake while the hospital did manage to find a little anti-venom but not enough to keep Ed alive. Finally they put Ed in an ambulance and took him to Springfield, Mo. He was treated there. He had to stay the night and have 4 shots of morphine.

That evening after supper we decided if it wasn't to wet we would burn some of those brush piles we have. so while I did the dishes my husband went out to light the piles.  The kids ran ahead just as they always do, but my husband got on to them, telling them "Ed just got bit do you want to be next". They walked all around the piles trying to light them but it was to wet.  It was starting to get dark so my husband reached for the goat to put her up when he saw something move by his foot.  It was another copperhead.It came out of the pile and into the yard where the kids had been playing. It was the same size as the one that bit Ed. He killed in and no one got bit, but boy was he upset. 

Saturday was spent mowing the lawn.  I had been mowing it higher to get a good lawn started but so much for that. They mowed it so short I have bare dirt in some places. Ed got out of the hospital Saturday evening. He called the house to tell us he was alright. He said that he had been shot by a .22 and a shotgun but nothing hurt as bad as that snake bite, He said he didn't think he was going to make it to Springfield and didn't think the kids would if they got bit.  I thought my husband was afraid of snakes before now I wonder if he will ever let the kids outside again.

   These are some of the pictures that my husband took while we worked in the garden.  Looking at these I do believe that I am the one doing all the work

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