Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ditch Digging

Yesterday was ditch digging day. We have to get power and water to the shed. My husband keeps wanting to wait until we can afford to rent a trencher. I find when we wait to rent something, it never happens, but when I go out and start something then he comes and finishes it. So yesterday I went out with a shovel and started digging form the corner of the house to the shed. I made it to the front windows when he came home. He was tired. He picked up the pick, that I can't swing, and would loosen a couple of feet for me than he would sit down. Well his daddy came while he was sitting and I was digging. A man usually cannot stand to have his wife out do him in front of people, so he took the shovel and started digging. They made it to the shed while I cooked supper. I made meatloaf, macaroni and tomatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, and brussell sprouts.
I still have some digging to do today. The ditch has to be deeper here to get below the frost line, but I think I will have water and electricity maybe by the first of next week

Emily playing in the hole Robbie dug

Casey cleaning out the ditch


  1. I liked your story and think the pictures of the kids are really cute. The countryside is beautiful. It will be really nice to have electricity and water in the shed. It will be very convieniant. Does that mean you can keep the brooder box out there instead of in the house?

  2. The biddies have already moved outside to the cages, but you still can't keep the brooder box outside until you make it cat proof