What is a CSA?

Keen Farms makes it easy to participate in a CSA by offering four 8-week seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  The share cost for each season is $176.00, which breaks down to just $22.00 per week!
The basic understanding of a CSA is a share-system, where the farmer offers a set number of “shares”, typically containing produce, however other farm products may be included.  Consumers pay up front for a share or membership in the season, and in return receive a weekly delivery of produce.  CSA Farms are dedicated to the production of naturally grown produce, safe for their members and the environment.  Local produce remaining local, reducing carbon emissions, and building our local economy.  Receiving a weekly share is a great way of supporting your local farmer, and eating nutrient rich, fresh foods, all while trying new produce and recipes!

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  1. We love your weakly produce and the fresh homemade bread! Thanks for all the hard work and delivering it to us.....