Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We have been really busy lately to busy for me to get on the computer and write it all down.  I regret that because if I don't write it down then iIforget it.
 We took the kids to the park. We didn't intend to feed the ducks but the ducks had different plans.  They would actually eat right out of your hands. My husband reached out and caught one of the babies.  Three adults came after him.  Only two of the ducks could have been the parents I wonder what interest the other duck had in the situation.

The kids wanted to catch one too, so we said go for it, knowing they couldn't catch one.

 We also took the kids swimming at the slab down from the house.  They always have a good time.  The water is really cold but they have lots of fun anyway
 Last year all of them were afraid of the water now they all just jump right in.
It was also vacation bible school.  It had a western theme and the kids had a great time. The last night was Wednesday and it was family night.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs then went outside for a marshmallow roast and then fun time in the water with a cow trough for swimming and a dunking booth.

The garden is doing well. yesterday I got a lot of weeding down in the afternoon.  It was the first time in weeks that it was cool enough to work outside for any length of time. I am going down the hill shortly to check on the blackberries.  This weekend is the forth of July and my parents are coming and they like blackberry cobbler.  I hope the blackberries are better this year and I will try a different recipe for the cobbler.

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