Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family time in the midst of chaos

We had errands to run in town on Friday.  We stopped by the store and got things for a picnic lunch.  We went to the park to eat, play and feed the ducks.  I took pictures I will have to post later.  Our errands took us to Devito's restaurant that afternoon.  They have a fishing hole, that  the brothers have ran since the 70's.  The restaurant is a little out of our price range like all upscale restaurants are.  The fishing hole is of course their farm raised trout.  You  can fish there.  It is by appointment and you have to keep everything you catch.  The cost is $6.00 a pound but they clean, bag and put them on ice for you.  That  too is a little out of our price range but is a wonderful idea.  What my kids like is that you can buy fish food.  It is a dollar a bag and you can feed the fish.                                                                                                                                            
 Emily likes to wear flip flops like the older kids but can't keep them on her feet.  She also just woke up and wanted her big brother to tote her
The restaurant use to be close to the main highway but when they redid the road they bypassed the restaurant.
You have to cross an old bridge to get to the fishing hole.  The fish are raised a little farther up stream and then released down to the hole that is separated from the creek.
 Here is where they run the fishing hole from. They also do the cleaning and packing here
Here is where they raise the fish and separate from the creek.
Not the best picture but I wanted to see if my camera would take pictures of the fish in the water. We had a wonderful time. Kyle found out that if you stick your fingers in the water you will get bite. Fish don't have teeth but can still draw blood.  Leave it to Kyle. He is all boy


  1. How intresting Tammy, I enjoyed that. luvu

  2. This looks like fun. Hope Kyle's finger is ok. :)

    Love Aunt Sharon