Monday, April 19, 2010

The first Bon-fire

My niece Casey Keen and Robbie(roasting hot dogs). Emily and my other niece.
Jackie fixing plates
The fire after it had burnt down a little Josh not enjoying himself
We had planned this for days. my husbans had pushed up a huge pile of brush and trees while clearing for a fence. It was all dried out and ready. We invited family and freinds. Bought all the food and drinks. drug out chairs and camping stuff. The whole nine yards.
The night turned out cool but we thought we would have a fire and it would be no big deal. My husband lit the fire and while it was still light we cleaned up around the pile. Some people started to get cold and ready to go and we haven't even pulled out the hot dogs yet so we hurried to get the food ready and you guessed it, the fire was to hot to roast anything. We started cutting down small saplings just to get something long enough. The smoke was everywhere. If you got far enough away to get out of the smoke well then you were cold.
well it got dark and the kids had a ball. They played hide and seek in the dark. The adults sat around the fire and talked. It really was a nice night. Everyone who stayed had a great time. We were already planning the next one while packing up from this one. The one thing we learned was to start the fire earlier in the day so that you can get close enough to roast the hot dogs and marshmallows, then throw some more wood on and sit back and enjoy the fire.

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