Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday I was talking to a teacher while she was digging a flowerbed in the head start playground. She hit a rabbit nest and bunnies went everywhere. My four year old son in spite of warnings that they bite and scratch caught one. Other kids tried to catch the others but with no luck. He named him Cocoa. I told him again that they bite and he said "yeah but not hard". I didn't have the heart to make him put it down because they were just going to let the other kids have it. We have a rabbit hutch so i thought we could take care of the thing. People began telling me how hard it was to take care of a baby rabbit so when I got home i looked it up. I do believe it will be to hard. I got the thing some rabbit pellets and a water bottle. I have it in a box, in the house, in a quiet place so as not to give the thing a heart attack. Well this morning it was out of the box. We found it but I haven't gotten it to eat anything so I think Iwill turn it loose at the school this afternoon and just get the kids a domestic rabbit.

My oldest caught a turtle yesterday. He has to keep it for 30 days for Boy Scouts. I need to look up and see how to take care of a turtle. I don't think it will be as hard as the rabbit. We need to get an aquarium or something for him to stay in. I don't think a bucket gives him enough room.

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