Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I planted parsley according to package directions the other day when I planted everything else. everything has come up except the parsley and spinach so I started looking and the first thing I did wrong with the parsley is not soaking overnight in warm water. Mistake 2 is I left them uncovered not realizing they did not like the light...I mean a seed that doesn't like the light?? come on. Well I couldn't do anything about the first mistake I cover then with a piece of paper so they could rest. Maybe they will come up. If they don't then that will be the second time I tried parsley and failed.

The parsley came up but doesn't look that healthy  The next challenge is getting them transplanted into the actual garden.

for more information on growing parsley go to

Well this was originally 3 years ago. since then i decided not to replant parsley. it over wintered the first year and the second it died but it came back on its own. this year the pigs got to the herb garden and I thought sure it was gone so I bought some not wanting to go through that planting thing again. I went out to plant it and lo and behold the original parsley came back. So far I have not had to replant parsley, sage or dill they just keep coming back. In fact the dill and sage seem to be trying to take over. Not sure what happened to my pictures I will get some of the new parsley soon.

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