Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Since Valentine's day is coming up I decided to share how to make this valentine box.

Materials: 1 cracker box
                5 toilet paper rolls
                10 baby food jar lids
                2 pencils
                2 film canisters
                2 Popsicle sticks
                1 Velveeta cheese box
                miscellaneous cardboard

Cut 1/3 of Velveeta box . Cut a strip of cardboard as wide as the Velveeta box and as long as the 1/3 box laid horizontally and the 2/3 part vertically and the cracker box with the open end of the cracker box at the end and opening out to the sides like the doors of a semi. Hot glue the boxes on the cardboard strip. This makes the cab and trailer.
   Next glue the baby food lids on each side of the toilet paper rolls. These are the wheels. Paint then black then glue them under the cab and trailer. The film canister are glued under the cab. The Popsicle sticks are glued to the inside of the doors on the trailerto add stability to the doors. The pencils are glued behind the cab for smoke stacks.
   Paint the truck any color you want. I think red and white would be the best color but my son didn't want anything girly. Paint on detail such as the window, windshield, doors, handles,the front grill, and headlights.  This trucks name was Wind Breaker and it delivers for Valentine's Express.
  My son continued to play with this Truck long after Valentine's day until his big sister say on it and it was finally beyond repair.

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